Every Company has competition, We just have a better, easier to use product. Below are our leading competitors. 

Wera® Screw Gripper
Wera makes great tools and accessories however we found this one was too bulky and with at $7 a piece price tag we thought it was a bit high

Best Ways Tools: Screw Holder
We purchased a set of these when we were doing our research and they are metal and cheaply made. We found that they didn't fit on every driver shank tightly and were a pain to use.

Quick Wedge® Screw Holding Screwdriver
These work really good if you want to purchase a new set of drivers and only work with slot screws. Nice design just not universal. And at $10 a piece it's a little high.

Greenlee® Screw Holding Screwdriver 
Greenlee makes great tools however we found with this driver that when you are in a tight area and need to release the screw you need to slide it sideways to do so and this wasn't possible. Other than that they work good but you'll still need to buy a new set of drivers and at $6 a piece it can add up